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Why Copa America is being hosted in 2020 as well?

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) decided to host the Copa America is 2020 although it was already held in 2019. Similar to other continental tournaments, the Copa America was supposed to be hosted once in four years. However, the CONMEBOL has already organized 3 within the gap of 5 years and are about to host 4 in six years.

As per the regular basis, the Copa America 2015 was organized. The following year in 2016, to mark the 100 years of Copa America, Copa America Centenario was organized. Similarly, four years after the year 2015 i.e. 2019, another Copa America was hosted in Brazil. Chile had won the 2015 and 2016 edition whereas, Brazil made it their ninth Copa America title in 2019.

The CONMEBOL planned to host Copa America 2020 with an aim to host the mega event in even-numbered years. Therefore, starting from this edition, the tournament will switch to be held every four years in even-numbered years, with the next edition taking place in 2024.